Monday, April 15, 2013

Virginia Trip

I had a fun trip to Virginia two weeks ago to visit my Sister Jenny's family. We flew into DC and toured everything there for the weekend with my cousin Liz and then headed to Virginia for the week. It was one of the best trips ever! I had so much fun! I miss my nephews so much we have way to much fun together.


Here is some fun projects I've worked on in 2012. And a few from this year. I've become the go-to designer for my sisters church callings. But of course I love it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Here is a picture of all of us Halloween night. 

You're probably wondering why I have so many pictures of us
in our costumes. It's because I made them and my Maleficent
costume below (don't look too close at all the bad sewing).
But I've never sewed a costume to this extent before
and I was pretty proud of myself. Hence all the photos.
We are Mordecai and Rigby from a cartoon called
Regular Show. It's one of Riley's favorites.

Here's some of the kids in their costumes.
Carti as Katniss. Sadie as Jasmine (her second costume) and Bennett
as a pilot.
Alyssa was a Zombie soccer player (she loves soccer, can you tell)?
Cade as Yoda and Taylee is Dracula. Then there's Sadie in her
first costume Supergirl and then there's a picture of the
kids playing Just Dance at my halloween party.

Here's my homemade Maleficent costume. And I'm
standing in front of my homemade haunted house.
Thanks to Lynsey for doing my hair and makeup and letting
me use her house and to Kelli for making my horns.

Gotta have a treat table. This year I did owl cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries,
caramel apples dipped in oreos and butterfinger, reeses broomsticks,
frankenstein marshmallows, mummy juiceboxes, and gummy worms and spiders.

Here's a peek into my haunted house that only Cade was scared of. It was a
little scarier in the dark with the black light, fog machine, scary music, and witch head
telling you your fortune (or whatever she says).

Here's a group photo at my Halloween party. It was a lot of work
but a lot of fun with the kids. Definitely worth it.
We missed Kinsley, Kenyon, Beckam and Jude!
Hope you had a fun Halloween!!!!